Thursday, October 22, 2009

batch out

when these dollars and cents add up to
the sum total of my life's time
up to this
i find another reason to pause
and search for the best.
the very best.
what i have before me is nothing less than the unpredictable and
potentially very full life of
alone it is magnanimity.
with god it is magnificent even beyond my comprehension.
and this is why
i will never
can never allow myself to go it without the spirit which made me and lives in me still
this weakness, penchant for half-assed living due to it's easy nature
lends oneself to believe, nay, be clouded with, the vision of success.
but i have only succeeded when i have failed to live a life cloistered
a life uneven
with the keel
of the path
or the soft hewn planks of the stern
worn by the worried and frantic pacing during the storms.
nary a hair on my head goes uncounted.

these pennies and dimes will show me why
it is never the end or the change that results
but the moment in which i give it away.
let it never be me that settles.
for less.
than the best.

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