Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ink on a roll

start out raw and tiny
unsure and hopeful that i will turn
into this giant thing i desperately want to

a small ball of string
that starts tipping, then slowly rocking and
on it's way to becoming
the biggest
ball of collected life stor(ies)y
ever in my history.

frankly my dear, i don't give a damn.

it's only ever been
about pushing
being pushed
into the shape
whatever it is
of something i am inside but cannot be
on my own.
i keep discovering little corners and bits of geometry
that i didn't know fit into my structure
but do.
oh, so well.
these sharp angles that keep poking out are preventing me from rolling,
but then,
i am finding
the stopping and slowing
is all this ink needs
to flow life into these dry bones.
green as a dandelion leaf.

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