Tuesday, October 6, 2009

dry spell

and spackle
when you just can't stop to breathe
and roll on the ground
for when you can't blink you need not hesitate
halt and lay down
lay it all down.
take a nap, take a rest, take a break.
rest up in the warm covers and the security that
god's got your back
and your front and your everything uncertain.
he's in the picture, he is the picture.
lord, when all i can think about are my failures you give me rest, peace, persuade me yet again with just a glance
that i am not lovely because of what i do. no not in the least.
i am loved by you and created to bring all that you have shoved in my soul to life simply because of what you are.

this war that wages in the blink of an eye in the conflict of middle battleground ceases when i drop my gun and raise my surrender
for you are always ready to jump in my stead
lead me away from the middle and give me perspective.

let the things i think on be noble and pure and a delight to your eyes, god. all of them.
i think,
therefore i am.
promise me this dry spell won't last, father. whatever it is, just promise me you'll be here speaking still.

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Rachel Clear said...

I'm glad I read this one today, a day I really needed to read it.