Monday, November 7, 2011

the black and white of it

let's all agree we know what i'm posting about, huh?
let's all say it boils down to these three things:

  1. love/god/love...
  2. life's ups and downs
  3. singleness
that first one, i think that's pretty normal, and frankly so is the second.
the third however, it presents a real serious problem, right?
like, what will i do when i finally am in a romantic relationship, huh?
my writing will be reduced down to *gasp* happysappy posts about how i never knew it could feel this way and the sky has never looked so blue and omg his HANDS they're just wonderful! AND a picture of the lord, amiright #amiright?!?!  


the alternative, but slightly worse option, of no posts at all.
or, maybe that would be for the best.  
i'm trying not to take myself too seriously here, life is too short for that.
i know that this moment is not the one defining moment of my life.
god is bigger than this
and he made me to be as well.

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