Saturday, November 5, 2011

soaring on the hike

wake up
no, your alarm hasn't gone off yet
poke your arm out from under the comforter
breathe deeply the remnants of sleep
let your eyelids slide into this new gift
new day

wake up
turn off your alarm
no, don't hit snooze
jump out of bed in a panicked rush
exclaim when you realize you have to shower
hit your arm on the door in your room
change shirts three times.
new day.

wake up
no, you don't have an alarm set for today
it's full of silence and possibilities
shake off the idea that you must get up
then decide to anyway
make a leisurely breakfast and feel lonely at the thought of more free time
spent unassumingly by yourself.
new day.

wake up
no, you didn't go back to sleep any of those times
you got up.
but each time, you felt something very distinct, very full.
and so i challenge you

go live it now.
don't go back to sleep
wake up.
new day.

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