Saturday, March 30, 2013

tell yourself

When the rain light ends
And the fresh damp earth
Smiles back at you from below
And everything is singing their best
The umbrellas go down and the deep breaths go in and I tuck my hand in yours
For a swing and a squeeze.

When the day terrors stop spinning gold
And you know the choice is yours and sleep is rest instead of escape
You know the beauty can reside.
It can stay
Not just inside where you know it has been hiding in the corner behind that large rock
Hoping it won't be found because when it does
You will be truly lost
To your heart's captor
And as much as you want it you fear it just the same.
Not because you know it.
Because you don't.

Let me go, beauty. I will make you beauty again. Let me go, doubt.
I won't ever doubt again.

Your love is life and life is beauty and beauty is tangled with pain and pain with love.
Tell yourself,
You Are.

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