Friday, April 12, 2013

Connected again

As if my left arm was disconnected
To my shoulder
To my rib cage and subsequently
My heart.
It is back.
I am all back
Because this restoration of
Grace space and listening
Has given it room
to bloom

As if I couldn't breathe fully before, or choose how to spend my time
Waiting for someone else to tell me
"Go ahead!", because they said so.

And as if that wasn't enough, after all these 29 years
I find out I do have what it takes
And I am enough
I am strong, alone in proclaiming
'I will stand up for me.'
Sometimes you have company but mostly not
And that beauty begets life to the fullest
Seems just when you don't
someone else, or fear a decision
Is when
you have all you
to give.

When my hands are swinging by my sides is just the right time, to be fully whole. And someone else wants to grab onto that train?
Well they better tell the conductor, because it's 'bout to leave your station.
Action, my friend!
Ain't for the weak hearted.

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