Monday, April 22, 2013


When you are your very best and
The birds still
Squawk and chide
"It's not familiar enough! You're too hard for me to swallow whole! I can't digest you!"
Always choppy always complaining.
Those birds they judge from their perches
Even below you, in vulnerable places.

But no
they think they are the ones who have it
figured out, who know what they need
and that it's you
who is doing it wrong.
The birdseed scattered all around them
just waiting
to be
snatched up!but those blinders. They can't see
The bounty in opening up their world
To different
To beauty in dissimilar world views
To a seed of a thought of an action
That is bigger than what they know
Those birds,
They are everywhere. All kinds of people never knowing they're
Not only blind to beauty and newness
But missing

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