Monday, April 1, 2013

Map me

All these lines on my map
The writing so tiny from here
I can't quite see
What it
The shape so familiar, and home all over it
Memories etched that float to surface when I pause to think of
Car on pavement zipping
Windows down
Hair blowing
Music surrounding
Without and within
The Open Road!
It calls with abandon and I will quickly
Abandon whatever it is pattern has deemed more important than adventure.

For life awaits! It has been and I have tasted and the dots all over this map have been discovered to show me
Of myself
And the future unfolds with each smoothing of a crinkle
And my eyes they remember things they thirst to experience again and
My fingers can't contain their desire
To tap tap tap on a wheel
As I am held captive by these beautiful lands once more and
show my world
to the world
and learn that I know

Because the road is the map and the journey the ride
And my soul wants it all.
Here I am.

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