Friday, December 12, 2014

all of the feelings left at the end of a day.

if you tie it up with a bow, having done your best to show
the inner self the outer is just as productive and savvy, 
but still
at the end of your work world, feel, that there is an
untidiness to the edges, a slight haze that gives it away,
come sit with me.

on the daily i find at least one thing i could have focused
more wholly upon, one more life i should have sincerely
paused for, one more sky i could have imprinted upon the 
picture of my memory to take with me forever.

life is short and although there is so much value in the 
realization that all we have is the now, and you only get the
one shot, and nothing is guaranteed, well, i am also here to tell you that it is overhyped.
even by me.
do not sell yourself short in doing something "TODAY!" that 
you ordinarily wouldn't feel in your nature to do!
stay true to yourself, dear heart.
life is also just as long as we LIVE IT.  
enjoy the opportunity to sip your favorite latte and take
in an incredible sunset. savor the moments in time with your
loved ones and be open to learning from strangers. sit down 
with a book and immerse your imagination in the story someone
else has shared.

but do not do these things, any of them, out of hurried guilt.
life is short, yes, but never too short for you to enjoy the
beauty and gift of self. 
the way you see and feel the world is unlike that exact frame of
any other, and that is a joy to be shared as well.

sit down with me, love, if at the end of the day your heart is 
still wanting.  look at the warm lights with me dear, and 
hear your own voice.  this time is so brief that it could last

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