Wednesday, May 24, 2017

not for you

i am not here for you
for your entertain(t)ment
for your personal narrative
your view of reality and how i fit into it
i am not looking to you
for anything
because my validation comes from within
The Source
The Light
The Beyond
The Love

i do not need your "encouragement" or assessment
breathing heavy down my neck
the holler from all sides i did not ask for
simply by existing.

as it turns out, i am not here for you.
i am here for my experience of the world
what i can bring
what i can give
what i can do and be and see and smell and touch and hear and lift up and shout out
i am not here for your pleasure or imagination of what i would like
i will tell you when i want to know and what and how.
my brain
my body
my brawn.
this is not here for you.
these luscious curves or this fine statement or the way i laugh loudly in public,
is here.



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Jessica said...

Wow. You are awesome.